Best Poster Award

We are thrilled to share that RecPAD 2023 will be featuring an award for the Best Poster!

Best Poster award will be given by NILG.AI, a leading company in AI solutions. They are generously offering an incredible prize package: a Nvidia Jetson Nano along with a license to the Data Ignite course! 

The Nvidia Jetson Nano is a powerful edge computing device designed specifically for AI applications. It provides a high-performance platform for developing and deploying AI models at the edge, allowing you to bring the power of AI to your projects and research.

The Data Ignite course by NILG.AI is a fantastic opportunity to supercharge your knowledge in data analysis and ignite your career in the field of AI. Check it out here:

Don’t miss this chance to showcase your research and potentially win the Best Poster award sponsored by NILG.AI!

A huge thanks to NILG.AI for their generous support in fostering excellence and innovation in Pattern Recognition!